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Bridge of Ramagen photo

Bridge of Remagen
An 80 meter corridor over the bridge of remagen... Have you got the courage to raise the flag for your team!

Tombstone field photo

A gunfight through the main street of a typical western town starting with the outlaws at one end and the Sherriff’s at the other… will good overcome evil?

Generals field photo

The General is in charge… but is also the target. Would you rather be told what to do or will you step up to lead your team?

Bus stop photo

Bus Stop
You must defend your broken down bus… how long can you hold off the attackers? Then it’s your turn to attack, can you beat their time?

Duck hunt photo

Duck Hunt
How good is your focus… can you find and knock over the ducks hidden in the trees whilst keeping out of the opposition’s way?

Medic field photo

The medic is here to help! If their teammates are eliminated they can bring them back by touch or by shot!

Forts and flags field photo

Forts and Flags
Teamwork is the key… You need runners, cover fire, climbers and strategy. This game sorts out the great teams from the good individuals!

Free for all field photo

Free for All
Have someone on your team that wasn’t pulling their weight? In ‘FREE FOR ALL’ everyone is fair game… a great fun way to finish your day!