Is paintball legal in New South Wales?

Yes. Provided you are not a prohibited person and are over 12 years of age anyone can play paintball in New South Wales.

Is paintball safe?

Yes. Paintball has the lowest injury to participant ratio of any sport in which statistics are taken. Paintball in New South Wales (and everywhere else) is statistically a lot safer than ten pin bowling, golf and table tennis

Does is hurt when hit by a paintball?

The best way we can describe the feeling of being hit by a paintball is ‘ouch’. It gives you a sting similar to being stung by an elastic band but once you have the first one under the belt and the adrenalin is pumping there is no greater thrill. Don’t stress about the pain it isn’t too bad.

We do have low impact paintball available for anyone that wants to give paintball a try but is too scared. Low impact paintball is only 20% of the impact of traditional paintball.

What is the legal age limit for paintball in New South Wales?

New South Wales has a legal age limit of 12+ to play paintball games. 

Will I get bruises?

If your group is refereed correctly it is un-sociable to get shot within 5 meters so any tag you receive should leave a small red mark on the skin. Ladies receive free half armour (so only your arms and legs are exposed) and everyone can grab complimentary gloves. Body Armour Half body armour covers your entire torso, front and back. The majority of paintball tags will occur in this area, which makes half armour a great option. It does not restrict movement, and you won’t get too hot when you wear it. Half body armour is supplied FREE OF CHARGE to all female and younger players.